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Weekending – Gorakh Hill

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Gorakh Hill

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Gorakh Hill


11:30 PM: Departure from Karachi.

02:30 AM- Washroom Break at Super Madina Restaurant, Jamshoro.
05:00 AM- Breakfast at Sehwan Divine Restaurant, Sehwan.
06:00 AM- Departure from Sehwan.
08:00 AM- Arrival at Wahi Pandi ( Gohrakh Base Camp).
08:30 AM- Departure for Gorakh via 4×4 Potohar Jeeps.
12:30 PM: Arrival at Gorakh Hill Station.
- Relaxation Time till 01:30.
01:30 PM: Lunch at Gorakh Hills.
- Hike towards Benazir Point (15 Minute Hike).
- Witness an amazing sunset from the highest point of the Kirthar Mountains.
- Back at CampSite.
- 09:00 PM: Dinner.
-10:00 PM: Bonfire, Jamming Session & Tea from lights for StarGazing.
-Overnight stay in camps.

08:00 AM: Breakfast
09:00 AM: Departure from Gorakh Hills.
11:00 AM: Arrival at Wahi Pandi.
01:00 PM: Arrival at Sehwan - Lunch.
06:00 PM: Arrival Karachi.
Note: Some deviation in the basic itinerary is normal.

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AC Transport Karachi to Khuzdar (Disinfected and Sanitized A grade Toyota Hiace, Coasters or Yutong luxury buses - local coaches are not used to avoiding discomfort.)

Meals mentioned in the detailed plan (Our menu for the trip is designed according to the nature of the trip.)

Services of a tour manager. (Well educated, informed, and experienced tour guides - our managers are trained to have an objective & professional approach)

Camping (High-quality disinfected camps for a comfortable yet adventurous stay with sleeping bags)

4×4 Jeeps (Non AC) from Khuzdar (Off-Roading)

Campsite charges and fees. (No hidden charges or surprises on the trip)

Basic First Aid Kit. (Proper first aid kit is kept & nearest hospitals are pre-known in case of an unforeseen emergency)


Recommended Gears

PKR 15999/person

Starting From: 22/12/2023
Ending At: 24/12/2023

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